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Now that your website has launched, you want to make sure that it is safe and secure.  Jasudo Helpdesk provides additional layers of support and protection.


Best for Do-It-Your-Selfers
  • Website System Maintenance
  • Site Backup and Recovery
  • Website Hosting
  • Dedicated IP Address
  • Up to 5 Email Addresses
  • Jasudo Helpdesk Support


/Per Month


Most Popular
  • All Basic Features
  • Update All Web Content
  • 24-48 Hr.  Ticket Turnaround
  • Up to 15 Email Addresses
  • Royalty-Free Images
  • Monthly Analytics Report


/Per Month


Best for eCommerce Websites
  • All PRO Features
  • 6-24 Hr. Ticket Turnaround
  • Up to 30  Email Addresses
  • Social Media Page Updates
  • Bi-Weekly Analytics Report
  • Advanced Spam Defense


/Per Month
Have a question? Email our support team 24/7 at


Exclusive to Jasudo customers only, Jasudo Helpdesk is the destination for all of your website maintenance needs.  Learn more about the benefits and features:

Website Replacement Guarantee

We backup your website on our servers and will recover it if it is hacked or fails.  If we are unable to restore or recover your website, we will happily customize and replace it with a site of equal or lesser value.  Guaranteed!

Lightning Fast Turnaround Time

We respond to your ticket within 6-24 hours.  We complete your content updates within 6-48 hours depending on your plan level.  We’re happily ready to help resolve issues and answer your questions.

System Management

Whether its updating plugins, removing spam, SEO optimization, making bug fixes or updating your websites’ theme,  we maintain the mechanics of your site to increase your traffic and build your online presence


Look more professional by sending emails to customers with your website domain in the email address.  Don’t pay extra for custom email addresses, its included!

Unlimited Content Updates

As our most popular feature, we will add / remove photos, videos, web copy, sliders, music, pages and elements on your website.  Simply send us a ticket.  We’ll do the rest!

Hosting with 99.9% Uptime

Using our dedicated server, Jasudo provides the best performance imaginable to maintain each website we deliver with a 99.9% uptime.

Website Replacement Guarantee

Hosting with Jasudo has never been better. Giving you peace of mind and protection from online security threats is a top priority.

When you host with us, we automatically create daily, weekly, and monthly backups of your entire website. We will restore your web files and databases in the event that your website is threatened by hackers, viruses or other online threats.

If for any reason we are unable to restore or recover your website, we will happily replace and customize it with a similar website from our collection of equal or lesser value. Guaranteed!


Do I have access to the tech support center 24 hours 7 days a week

Yes. Submit a ticket. We actually work around the clock so don’t be surprised if you receive a reply email during normal bedtime hours. However, we do not make or accept calls after 6pm Central Standard Time unless it was previously arranged with your project manager.

If I do not have a PRO or Elite Plan, will I still receive website support?

Absolutely! Your site is warrantied by us.  If your website is experiencing functionality issues that are being caused by the website, please let us know by submitting a ticket to us. We will get it resolved for you.

How do I register so that I can send tickets to have work completed?

  1. On the Main Menu at the top of this page, select TICKETS / WEBMAIL
  2. Next, click LOGIN under CREATE A TICKET
  3. Next, click SIGN IN in the upper right hand corner of your screen
  4. Next, a pop-up will appear. Click REGISTER and enter your name, email address and choose a password
  5. Next, click REGISTER & SIGN-IN.  Once submitted you are immediately registered and ready to submit tickets to us

How long does it take for my account to be setup after signing up

Your new maintenance plan is ready for use immediately after your purchase.  Simply go to “Create A Ticket” and register when prompted.

What is your refund policy on websites and hosting?

Jasudo is offering non-tangible irrevocable, digital services with fast turn-around times and do not issue refunds after the website or hosting purchase is made. If for any reason you are dissatisfied, you may pick another site from our collection that is of equal or lesser value as long as we have not started customizing your site. If you decide to transfer your website to another server, not maintained by Jasudo, we will not be responsible for your website after it has been transferred or submitted for transfer. Jasudo does not maintain or service websites that are on servers that are not managed by Jasudo.

jasudohelpdesk - five star

When should I expect for someone to follow up with me on my ticket?

For general support requests, you can expect a response within 24 hours from the time your ticket is submitted (excluding Sundays and observed holidays).

For ELITE Maintenance Service Customers, you can expect a response within 12 hours or less with website edits to be completed within 24 hours (does not include weekends or observed holidays)

For PRO Maintenance Service Customers, you can expect a response within 24 hours or less with website edits to be completed within 48 hours (does not include weekends or observed holidays)

Since holidays can create delays in turnaround times, what holidays are observed?

As a subscriber to Jasudo’s Pro or Elite Maintenance Plan, updates and revisions to your website are completed within 24 -48 hours with exception to Sundays and the following holidays: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Labor Day. Your updates will be completed within 24 hours after the Sunday or holiday falls. At our discretion, we will sometimes make updates to your website on Sundays and holidays.

What is the best format to send copy (text) when I need them added to my site?

Any content that is submitted for placement as “words” or “paragraphs” should be submitted in Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx or .txt) or an editable format or text typed in a ticket you’ve submitted. Non editable formats such as .pdf requires the content to be retyped before placing it on the website. Retyping may be subject to an additional charge.

What are the best formats to send images, videos and music?

Image File Formats
Image files such as photos, icons, clipart or pictures can be submitted in .jpeg, .jpg, .png, .psd, .fw, .img or an editable image file format. For best results, images with a minimum 300 dpi (dots per inch) resolution will work best for websites and allows the file to be edited For best visual results, submit high resolution images.

Music and Video File Formats
Music or Media files can be submitted in .mp3 (music) and .mp4 (video). Video links may also be submitted from YouTube or Vimeo.

Links are highly recommended. Why? When adding large files to your site, it has to load before it can be viewed. As a consequence, your site can experience longer than normal loading times and will therefore load things slowly. This can be discouraging to visitors who may not want to wait for your content to load.

I'd like to add a page. How long will it take to complete it?

Adding a page to your website will usually take longer than the 6-48 hour turnaround time that we offer for most web content updates.  On average, adding a page to your website will take us about 3-10 days, depending on your requirements.  To find out for sure, send us a ticket or email your project manager so that we can schedule a meeting with you, gather your requirements for the page and provide you with a turnaround time.

Powerful Web Hosting for the Best Performance

When you want the ultimate in website performance, security, and control, this is it. Why go anywhere else for web-hosting when your new website and hosting can be done all in one place?  Jasudo helps to make life easier by being your one stop destination for all of your web-hosting, email and domain needs.

  • 99.9% up-time with fast speeds
  • Advanced email features that include forwarding rules and account filters, Secure POP3 and IMAP support and third-party client compatibility
  • Spam Protection, powered by Google, to filter out harmful and unwanted content before it reaches your inbox
  • Advanced website protection with a dedicated IP address assigned to your website
  • Website backups for increased flexibility to recover specific files, folders, databases, and tables

Small Business Subscribers

A growing number of small businesses and non-profit organizations trust Jasudo Helpdesk to protect and manage their websites
Integrative Home Health
Shekinah Properties
Subway of South Fulton
Michigan Staffing Group
Shop. Educate. Future.
Elite Concierge
shannon yohan
Detroit Pregnancy Test and Help Center
CommonWealth Intiative
Plugins Lawn Aeration
Prince Alonzo
Pase & Associates
Faith Driven Magazine
Davison Missionary Baptist Church
Superior Grooming
Jasudo Helpdesk is provided by Jasudo. Inc. for the exclusive use of our customers.  This service is included for use with every website we develop to educate, service and resolve website service issues.

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Small Business Owner?

Over 80% of our customers own a small business just like you.  They choose Jasudo because we speak the same language and are here to help with every hurdle and growing pain that comes with  jump-starting and growing from an idea into a business.  Ask us for help.  We work for you.